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Rice is one of the best food items that people would like to taste. Rice is the major food item in most of the Asian countries. It is the most preferred in the Japan and China. It is one of the delicious foods that each person in this world should taste. Rice as a plain food item with no side dish or gravy would not taste anything. But it would be mouth watering to taste it with gravy items. The plain rice with delicious vegetarian or non-vegetarian gravy is uniquely delicious.

Rice is not only a delicious food item but healthy also. There are different health benefits of taking rice such as:

  • It regulates blood pressure in the body
  • It maintains the carbohydrates
  • Supplies vitamins and energy


Many people from different parts of the world who have not tasted it are also trying it these days. As far as rice is concerned the vessel which is mandatory to cook it is called pressure cooker. Some age old people know to cook rice without cooker but such method is not feasible for the people of this generation. If a person cooks rice without pressure cooker it will be either under cooked or over cooked.

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