Martial Arts In The Olympics

Judo has the longest pedigree, making its launching at the Tokyo Olympics of 1964, as a visitor sport of the host country, a custom still practiced today. In 2016, at the Rio De Janeiro Games in Brazil, another martial sport will likewise get an opportunity to shine at the Olympics, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Taekwondo has actually combated well to maintain its Olympic status, conquering the hazards to drop it from the last 2 Olympics in Athens and Beijing by assuring to enhance the scoring and motivate higher ‘explosive’ action, which suggest of the IOC felt it did not have.

Those of us that practice, previous or present, Taekwondo understand simply how fast and effective this martial art can be. Mainly a ‘kicking’ art, it is one of the couple of martial arts today that still practice full contact, which is why you see Taekwondo professional athletes using a range of defense!

It had all the makings of being the supreme in Spectator sports. The ‘radiance’ of a medal showed too much, they were not just scared to lose, they were scared to even assault!! It sent out shock waves around Taekwondo, and triggered the IOC to question whether it might continue as an olympic sports list .

Martial Arts In The Olympics

In London in 2012, I hope that Taekwondo can still take the next action, and develop a phenomenon to offer this martial sport the trustworthiness it should have, and to motivate more individuals to as soon as again take this sport up. Of all the martial arts, the one that appears to have a hard time to get in at every Olympics is Karate, which is a pity. The next chance will be Rio in 2016, and I for one hope it can lastly make it and have the opportunity to reveal individuals simply exactly what a fantastic sports Karate can be. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is definitely one of, if not THE fastest growing sport in the world, providing a mix of Judo and standard Jiu Jitsu.