The History of Hollywood

Hollywood was established in the year 1853. In the earlier stages, it was with just a single adobe hut on land outside the Los Angeles, California. In Hollywood, Growing Crops was Very easy that by 1870, Hollywood become the thriving community for Agriculture. The real estate Tycoon Harvey Henderson Wilcox and his wife Daeida was one of the most noticeable Historic figures. They both moved to Los Angeles from Topeka in the year 1880.  After moving here he bought 160 acres of land in the west of the city at the foothills which were near the Cahuenga Pass.

 The name of the town came from the Wife of the Harvey Henderson Daeida, who once while travelling in a train trip met a woman which described her country home in the Ohio, which was named for the Dutch settlement of the Hollywood. Daeida like the name very much and christened their ranch” Hollywood” on her return.

In the Year 1887, On 1st February Wilcox submitted a complete grid map of his new town in Los Angeles to the recorder’s office and this was the very first time when an official document with the name” Hollywood” was printed on it. After the establishment, the first street was named as the Prospect Avenue but later it was changed and was named as Hollywood Boulevard the City lots of the street were carved out around the dirt avenues and the pepper trees.

The population of the Hollywood in the initial stages was less. By the tear 1900, it had the population of only 500 along with the post offices, a hotel, a newspaper and two markets only. In the year the 1900s, the filmmakers started moving to Los Angeles. After Beginning Filming in Los Angeles, the film companies started exploring the new different area and stumbled over there around Hollywood. The First motion picture studio in Hollywood was built in the year 1919. The origin of the famous sign was embedded in Americana. In the year 1956, the famous Hollywood walk of Street was built where the names of all the famous celebrities are embedded. The first Academy Awards took place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Since that Day Hollywood is growing rapidly and people and many people earn a lot of name and money over here and one of them is Robert Simonds. One of the biggest American Film Producer Robert Simonds along with it is the entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of the STX Entertainment. His Complete name is Robert Bruce Simonds who is also known as Bob Simonds. Robert Simonds in Hollywood Reporter produces, Finances and distributes finances and market film and digital media, finances in the years of his producing in the Hollywood studios, around 30 films of Robert Simonds have generated very great revenue of $6 billion all over the world. Robert Simonds has the best single studio track record for the profitability of the films he produces. The film career of Bob Symonds was at its full pace, as the film produced by Robert Symonds had won many different awards.